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Water Cooler, a web app for Fitbit

The FItbit is a futuristic pedometer that can track a users steps, the number of flights of stairs they climb and even how much they sleep at night. The companion website allows users to log the food they eat throughout the day and how much water they drink. It is often hard to remember to log the water that you have consumed throughout the day. I decided that I would write a quick web app that could help log the water that I drink at the office. I had also been wanting to try out the Go programming language for a while and this seemed like a good project to try it out on.

Water Cooler is meant to be run on a spare smartphone or other touchscreen device. At the office I've put an extra iPod touch on a dock and placed it on top of our water filter / dispenser. Now whenever I fill up my glass I simply just have to click my profile icon, choose the amount, and my drink is uploaded to Fitbit. Water Cooler then shows me how much of my daily water goal I have consumed.

For anyone interested in checking out the source, I've put it up on github:

{% Image "images/water-cooler-a-web-app-for-fitbit/IMG_2256.jpg" "Water Cooler landing page", "(min-width: 30em) 50vw, 100vw" %} {% Image "images/water-cooler-a-web-app-for-fitbit/IMG_2257.jpg" "Water Cooler - Log water", "(min-width: 30em) 50vw, 100vw" %} {% Image "images/water-cooler-a-web-app-for-fitbit/IMG_2258.jpg" "Water Cooler - Daily Progress", "(min-width: 30em) 50vw, 100vw" %}