SD Speed Upgrade

The SanDisk Extreme arrived in the mail today. The linux image copied over easily from the old card to the new one. Sadly this didn’t actually fix the problem. Talking to people on the PandaBoard irc channel it turns out that MMC has issues with reads and writes and I/O blocking. They recommended trying a usb drive for the main filesystem while booting of the SD card. The next post will be on the performance with an external drive of the OS.

The Turtle Loses This Time


The PandaBoard was quick and easy to get running. All that has to be done is download a image and write it to a sd card. Ubuntu started up quickly and easily, and the omap4 extras packages took care of any weird dependcies that Ubuntu needed for graphics acceleration and wifi. The only problem is that I just used a class 2 sd card that was laying around, with the filesytem on this Ubuntu is almost unuseable, and not fast enough to even update. SanDisk makes some nice class 10 SD cards that would probably be perfect so I’ll order one and work from there, if that isn’t good enough we will move on to external storage using usb.

PandaBoard Has Arrived

Waiting to greet me when I got home was a much anticipated package, the PandaBoard has arrived! The next step is to find everything I need to get it up and running, video cables, SD cards and things of that sort. Once Ubuntu is up and running on it the fun begins. I hope to get tBeta up and running without much trouble, and then work from there.

False Alarm

Waiting on TI to ship exciting new things can be a taxing experience. I awoke to see a shipping confirmation email this morning and due the extreme grogginess I failed to realize that it was in fact not the PandaBoard that had been shipped but a Development board called the Launchpad that I had ordered months earlier. An exciting delivery, but still not the Pandaboard.

The offending email
The offending email
A new toy to play with!